Marketing Tools to Support Your Efforts

We at Transamerica Retirement Solutions will continue our time-honored tradition of remaining at the forefront of the market by providing the most comprehensive marketing materials to you. As part of our long-standing commitment to anticipating and fulfilling your ever-changing needs, we are proud to offer you the following materials to support your selling initiatives.

Transamerica Retirement Solutions Capabilities Brochure
This brochure illustrates the complete picture of the services we have to offer. The following topics are included and discussed in the brochure:

  • The Transamerica Retirement Solutions' Story
  • Visions of Retirement
  • About AEGON
  • Transamerica's Firm Foundation
  • Industry Recognition
  • Product Solutions
  • Plan Investment Choices 
  • Fiduciary & Due Diligence Support
  • Plan Design Accommodations
  • Plan Services
  • Ongoing Plan Communications
  • Plan Education & Enrollment Services

In order to customize this brochure, you may consider adding an investment scorecard for the specific product you are presenting to the back pocket of the brochure.

Plan Administration Service Support (PASS)
Win more business by offering Transamerica's PASS services.

Retirement plan sponsors are spending more and more time handling administrative responsibilities–allowing less time to focus on business growth. PASS allows plan sponsors to save time and money by retaining Transamerica to provide significant support for certain administrative tasks. Transamerica's professional PASS administrators work with the plan sponsor (and applicable TPA) to establish guidelines, and operate, at the sponsor's direction, in helping to alleviate administrative burdens.

Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) Capabilities Brochure
This MEP brochure is a critical piece for hunting Multiple Employer Plan business. It discusses Transamerica's expertise in this space, how our recordkeeping platform outperforms competitors, and the dedicated MEP support teams available.
Also available are many sales tools to help your MEP Sponsor clients grow their number of Adopting Employers. Our complimentary marketing materials are your resource for mining this business. Materials include:

  • MEP Adopting Employer Brochure
  • Guide to Understanding the Potential Cost Savings and Benefits of Adopting a MEP
  • Adopting Employer Conversion brochure
  • And much more

Safe Harbor Brochure
The Safe Brochure provides an overview of the benefits of a safe harbor plan, help clients understand how the safe harbor provision is designed, and which companies are the best candidates for the safe harbor provision.

Transamerica Plan Maximizer® Brochure
The Plan Maximizer brochure will help clients take advantage of the service that maximizes the benefits available to them and their best performers. Transamerica Plan Maximizer our proprietary plan design service, does just that, giving clients the edge they need to stay competitive.


Roth 401k Brochure

Understanding the Roth 401(k) Feature Brochure
This Roth 401(k) brochure helps clients better understand this plan feature. This brochure compares several distinguishing features from a Traditional 401(k) and illustrates how those features work in a Roth 401(k). View the Roth 401(k) brochure.


Merger and Acquisition Brochure
The Merger and Acquisition brochure will help clients understand how a merger or acquisition will affect their plan and more importantly what questions to ask. The brochure is designed to help clients make a smooth transition.

A Guide to Evaluating Your Company's Retirement Program Brochure
The Guide to Evaluating Your Company's Retirement brochure helps potential clients evaluate their retirement plan. It emphasizes the four pillars of a successful retirement plan, including Plan Design and Compliance, Employee Communication, Investment Expertise and Performance, and Plan Administration, Service, and Support.

For additional information, or to obtain marketing materials, please contact your Transamerica Sales Consultant or call the Internal Sales Support Desk at (888) 401-5826. 


This material is being provided for informational purposes only. It should not be viewed as an investment recommendation by Transamerica for customers or prospective customers. Customers seeking advice regarding their particular investment needs should contact a financial professional.

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