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Larkspur Data Resources
The Larkspur DataMaster Pro qualified plan prospecting database provides current, comprehensive information on over 1,000,000 qualified plans, coupled with powerful, user-friendly search software and dozens of recommended prospecting strategies.  With DataMaster Pro you can target qualified retirement plan sponsors in your geographic area, identify the best sales prospects for specific marketing approaches, and instantly receive detailed information on each prospect.  To take advantage of DataMaster Pro, please contact your Sales Consultant or the Internal Sales Desk at (888) 401-5826.

Transamerica Product Sales Presentation
This presentation covers all of the major selling points for the Transamerica series of products, including the services provided, investment choices, participant educational materials, service standards, participant Web site, fees and implementation schedules. Contact your Sales Consultant or the Internal Sales Desk at (888) 401-5826 for more information.

The Proposal is an essential tool in introducing a plan to prospective clients. With sections covering everything from employee education to service fees, this tool has the information necessary to close the sale. Obtain a custom proposal for your prospect by calling your Sales Consultant or the Internal Sales Desk at (888) 401-5826.

This material is being provided for informational purposes only. It should not be viewed as an investment recommendation by Transamerica for customers or prospective customers. Customers seeking advice regarding their particular investment needs should contact a financial professional.

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